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Chestnut Yoga

Yoga classes in Crosby, Merseyside and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to Chestnut Yoga, offering yoga classes in Crosby for adults of all ages. Yoga is a low impact exercise, suitable for most people, focussing on flexibility, strength, & balance. As well as physical benefits, yoga can help you to develop greater mind, body, & breath awareness, which can further improve your well-being.

Classes are small, relaxed & friendly, giving you the space to enjoy y
... our yoga practice, & emerge refreshed & renewed to continue with your week.
*The Monday class is Hatha-based drawing on other types of yoga as appropriate to promote a full yoga mind & body experience, including: warming up; poses & flows; props to modify, intensify or lighten poses; themes; mudras & mantras; breath work; & guided relaxation.
*The Wednesday class is gentler & slower for those wanting less intensity. Suitable if you're new to yoga, returning after a break, or have some physical limitation. There are fewer transitions between standing & floor work & we use more props, including blocks & straps, to modify poses so that everyone can participate at their own level. We end in guided relaxation.
* The earlier Thursday class is a nourishing mixture of Hatha-based yoga, Somatic Movement and Meditation. All elements will be present each week, although the time spent on each will vary week to week. Come and move gently, stretch, flow and take your focus inwards to find the true essence of yoga - the connection of mind and body.
*The later Thursday class is Yin yoga: slow, stretchy, (mostly) floorwork in which poses are held for longer to enable a fully restorative & meditative yoga experience. You are encouraged to work to your own level of intensity using props to soften or deepen the pose.
Please contact me using the appropriate enquiry form if you have any questions or would like to attend one of my classes. If
DBS Insured By: British Wheel Of Yoga

DBS: Yes
Insured By: British Wheel Of Yoga
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